Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gun Law - Mission Creep

A California (where else?) legislator is attempting to expand the states Red Flag law to give essentially anyone the right to ask for an order to confiscate anyone else's guns.  They get an inch, and in the next session, they amend the inch to cover as many miles as they can get.

So if pajama boy with his sticker-bedecked Prius is one of your co-workers, you cannot yet ask for a restraining order against him on the grounds that he is a demonstrably extreme lefty and thus far more likely to come in to work one day and shoot the place up in a fit of pique. This is a shortcoming of the red flag legislation that urgently needs to be addressed in all states that have such. Equal protection for all I say, it's in the 14th. Call it the workplace psychosis amendment.

Given the symbolism of red flags and all, I think this is a perfectly reasonable amendment and no Red Flag bill should be without it. Of course this may impact the legislative support for the things, but we all need to make sacrifices now don't we?

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Merle said...

Naw, not all of us must make sacrifices - just us conservatives.......