Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Spring having put in a one day appearance today, I took the bicycle out for a ride. 28 miles later I can report that the strength training I've done over the winter is paying off as I didn't get winded on the uphills and managed to keep a decent pace for the entire trip.

A bicycle group I sometimes frequent, Pedals and Pints, is having a Cinco de Mayo ride this weekend. Looks to be ridiculously easy at this point although the addition of a couple of beers along the way will slow the ride down a bit. Some of my less athletically inclined friends hear that they will be expected to actually pedal some 12 miles and immediately wimp out. Their loss. Pedals and Pints is a very sociable group.

A typical ride with P&P runs 10-20 miles, starts at a brew pub and visits 2 others on a round trip. My idea of a nice ride is 30 miles and using that as a round trip, there are over 60 brew pubs within that range of my house.
The only way to go.


Ed H said...

Billll, what is the bike? I am looking to move into a recumbent but struggling to figure out what to get.

Billll said...

I built that one myself about 30 years ago and have been loving it ever since. The closest thing to it commercially would be a Tour Easy. Tour Easy is a bit pricy, but they come up used from time to time.

The style is long frame with under-the-seat handlebars. The seat is a sling made from trampoline fabric.