Thursday, May 10, 2018

Oregon Goes For The Gold - Gun Ban

Some folks in Oregon have an initiative that would ban most guns and require them to be turned in. The petition title mentions exceptions, but comments on the petition note that none actually appear in the document text.

Quick summary:
Any semi automatic gun, be it pistol or rifle, that is “capable” of accepting a magazine that holds 10 or more rounds would be banned, along with any such magazine, be it a fixed magazine or detachable.
All these would be banned, which covers a rather large percentage of all firearms currently extant.  Seems you would also be responsible for any crimes committed with any firearm you own or ever owned up to 5 years after you sell it.

Even in Oregon I don't see this going very far but you never know. Step 1 there is to get the petition recognized, which has happened.

Step 2 is a comment period which they are currently in. Normally a ballot initiative gets 10 or so comments but this one has over 1000. Topics include a permanent title for the initiative. Some of the suggestions are interesting. If the courts approve the wording and title, there needs to be a second round of signature collection to get it on the ballot.

Step 3, if it gets that far would be the vote from the people of Oregon.

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