Thursday, April 12, 2018

Splitting California

Always an interesting proposition depending on the new proposed state lines. Looks like the proposition will be on the ballot this November as Someone with money has collected way over the minimum number of signatures to do this.
This looks to me like Mr. Draper is trying to please everyone by creating 3 states with with large metropolitan areas that could conceivably deliver 4 more Democratic Senators. This would probably go over better in the US congress than the 2 state version in which the coast from San Fran down to San Clemente would be one state and all the rest would become the other.


Unknown said...

That is one messed up map. The problem is SF, LA, and SAC. To dissect the state in such a careless manner is to render the other areas null. In fact, it may seem that is the exact purpose here. Example, to heap all of norcal with SF is to thumb their nose at those other counties. How is that different than today? To toss in the coastal counties, red, rural counties, mind you, with LA defies all sense. Surely, this map is designed to tick off everyone and give benefit to the commies.

If there be redistricting, then let it be redistricting! Pay no heed to the existing county borders where they should be used to define the borders of the new states. Tie SF and LA to each other yet not by a thin tendril of land but a new law which purposes a virtual realm. Let Craptomento fold in upon itself, walled off, isolated from the people.

Merle said...

But what will it be like after the big quake? :)


Unknown said...

All well and good. But then we'd have to put up with three of them.