Saturday, April 14, 2018

Gun Rights Rally - Denver

A group calling itself America For Americans or  National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, or something called for a national rally for gun rights a few days ago, co-ordinating the call with no one as nearly as anyone here could tell, nevertheless drew some 200 people to the governors mansion for a roadside rally. It was supposed to be at the capitol, but the venue was already booked. Probably just as well since such short notice drove the attendance down.

View looking SE. We filled all 4 corners of the intersection. 
Nobody told this guy his flag was backwards. If I got a roof from them, my insurance agent would probably hold out for the gun.

Signs were a last minute affair. The fellow selling flags from a 5 gallon bucket seems to have made a nice fortune. This one was acclaimed the best slogan:
Reducing this to 6 words makes it bumper sticker material:
Click to embiggen, save to desktop, print 11" wide, and tape to back car window.


Merle said...

That should be a big seller in CO and CA, among others..... :)

Richard G. Combs said...

Great idea, but take out the greengrocer's apostrophe.