Thursday, April 19, 2018

Incoming Robots

I saw a Daily Mail article on a "Tedroy" bot and would like to humbly submit that the vast, immediate market for this type of bot is the national and local news media. Imagine selling a set of 3 bots, one a distinguished middle ager, one a 30-something bloke, and one an attractive female. The station now has its news, Sports, and weather anchors, capable of voicing pre-written scripts for the news broadcasts at a small fraction of the cost of hiring good looking airheads to do the job. Monologues can be written by student interns who can show competency in basic spelling and grammar and even better, the whole show can be pre-run to insure no glaring errors. The kidnapping of the Queen by aliens from outer space will be reported with the same calm reserve as the auto crash on the freeway.

Later they can move up to running them for city council or higher office with a committee of party hacks deciding on what they say. I look forward to seeing an aspiring pol speak for 30 minutes without saying anything.

 Oh wait, we have that now. Not only that, but a bot is running for Mayor of Tokyo. These bots thus, are a shoe-in for whatever office a committee wishes to anonymously hold.

What do you think?


Merle said...

I'll bet they are smarter than most pols and talking heads.....

Billll said...

Since they can't say anything that the committee doesn't let them say and they never get off message, they're that much more likely to get elected.