Friday, November 25, 2016


Made it through the Feast with everyone happily stuffed, including the dog who made out like the proverbial bandit when D'wife dropped a container of gravy on the floor. The only casualty was the microwave which gave up the ghost after being asked to reheat one more 5-person helping of something or other.

1. Boston Market makes a fine pre-packaged and pre cooked Thanksgiving spread. Minimum fuss except for reheating the sides.
2. Beaujolais Nouveau is a fine red that goes well with turkey and goes down easily. Only available for about 2 weeks around Thanksgiving. Go grab a bottle.
3. Crown Royal Rye is over rated, at least to my taste. Suitable for Irish coffee but a bit harsh to drink straight up.  Buffalo Trace is better but I still prefer Black Grouse or Shanahans Colorado Whiskey. YMMV.

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