Monday, November 28, 2016

Bad News From Ohio State

For certain definitions of bad news within the media.

1. No one was killed. Except for the perp, and he doesn't count.
2. The perp wasn't white.
3. The perp wasn't conservative. Being a Somali refugee, it's a pretty good bet he didn't vote for Trump.
4. The perp wasn't a Tea Partier.
and worst of all
5. No gun was used. Except by the cop who shot the perp.

Didn't slow down the knee-jerk calls for gun control though. Beware fake news.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

And the cops will not investigate the Imam, who most assuredly encourages the devout to go on a jihad. That seems like inciting murder to me, but I'm just a stupid infidel.

Billll said...

You bring up an interesting point, worthy of review by people way more qualified than us. Maybe someone over at Volokh Conspiracy.
1. If someone speaks in such a way as to incite the commission of a crime, is that person somehow jointly liable for the crime or is what he said protected speech under the first amendment?
2. If that person would otherwise be held jointly liable, would he escape prosecution if he claimed exemption under the first amendment freedom of religion?

Item 1. Volokh has discussed this w/respect to 1st Amend cases and while speech that incites crime can be limited or restricted, I don't remember his citing any examples of the speaker being included in the arrestees. I could be wrong.

Item 2. I have never heard of a case in which a holy man was arrested for advocating criminal actions against sinners. OTOH I eagerly await the passage of a strong "hate speech" law around here, probably in Boulder county, which could be used to demand the banning of the practice of Islam based on the dissemination of the Koran and active encouragement to follow it.

Merle said...

If there were no guns available, perhaps the cop should have run over the perp, then got out and stabbed him?


Billll said...

Police protocols: Run over the perp, then get out and beat him with your baton.