Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gun Sales

People have been commenting about how the local gun shows are now very crowded and Black Friday had a record number of NICS checks run and how the combination of the Berdoo shootings and the President calling for more gun control is driving sales through the roof. Well here's some historical data:
Note 1: Yes, it looks like 2015 will be a record for gun sales although only by a small amount.
Note 2: Note the very predictable cycle of gun sales with peaks around Christmas and tax refund time. If we combine the annual Christmas rush with the O'Bungler making another impassioned plea to disarm the public tonight, then yes, strong December sales will definitely set a record.
Note 3: I attribute the slight drop in gun sales in 2014 to the public becoming inured to presidential bombast about gun control coupled with the Dems inability to get any such thing through the congress. *

Using the predicted 2015 NICS check number of about 20.6MM times the NSSF adjustment factor of .71, we conclude that there will be about 14.6MM more guns in the hands of the people of our fair land by Dec 31. Remember that where you are allowed to defend your right to life, that while carrying a pistol is a nuisance, needing one and not having it is even worse.

*And here we thought the Dems couldn't be taught anything. 200 years of failure of their economic policies in every country in which they've been tried has not deterred them and won't as long as they can get reelected by promising that the pots of gold will appear if they're just allowed to try again only harder. Lose the House and Senate over a trivial thing like an Assault Weapons Ban and suddenly most of them don't want to bring the topic up around election time although hope does spring eternal among some of them.

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