Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Strange Doings In Missouri

If you've been following the news on the internet you know that a couple of fellows have beed tooling around in Missouri east of Kansas City buying up large numbers of cell phones from the Wal Marts there. This aroused some suspicion and they were contacted by the police, interviewed and turned loose.

Shortly after this several dozens of propane tanks were stolen from tank exchange sites in the same area. This has renewed interest in the phone boys but no oe seems to know where they are.

Now this: A deer hunter found a buried cache of;
Officers found a huge cache of “extremely volatile” explosives, which police described to be of a style “that could not be purchased for recreational use.” This suggests that the extensive supply was all homemade pipe bombs or other IEDs, created and collected with a specific plan in mind.
 Sounds like someone was planning to build possibly several hundred IED's using the phones as detonators and when all had been placed and the time was right, set them off one by one. This sort of action could easily paralyze the responder agencies over a large area while running up a large body count.

Still no word on the phone boys. Stay alert folks.


Merle said...

Maybe they were only frusterated deer hunters?


Billll said...

That must be it. I've seen the website of the deer hunter who used a mountain howitzer (BP) to bag his deer and another who used a Coehorn mortar in an attempt to bag feral cats, so this must be the next step, IED's to get your deer.

Merle said...

HMMMM, I wonder....
Could it be a booby trap to protect their "hot spot", kind of like some big time pot growers do to protect their fields? :)