Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Gun Laws

The next time a magazine capacity limitation or AW ban is proposed, make it a point to go to the hearings and ask the bills sponsor this; Since there is an exception to the possession of magazines and firearms whose only purpose is to "spray fire and kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible"* for the police**, perhaps the sponsor would like to enlighten us as to the task he/she has in mind for the police for which they would need this capacity.

The expected harumpfing and waffling may then be reported as "Sen Snort refuses to disclose police mass shooting task" as a blog post title as it will surely never be mentioned in a newspaper or on the TV news.

Joe Huffman notes that both the CIA and DHS have shown an interedt in a post he put up featuring this newspaper clipping:

Now go back and read it again, this time skipping/deleting the word "Jewish" and replacing the phrase "Nazi organization" with "government". Note how it now sounds just like a presidential executive order.

*Their words, not mine
**There always is.

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