Monday, August 3, 2015

Windows 10 - Spyware Included At No Extra Charge

It looks like the marketing wonks at Microsoft have gotten loose and are well and truly running the asylum.

Is Win 10 better than Win 8? I'm told Win 8 is pretty awful except on a touch screen, but would it be worth installing all that spyware to get rid of it?

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Brad K. said...

Windows 10 eliminates one of the concerns of Microsoft marketing -- you *cannot* elect to hand pick your updates.

Which concerns me. I had one update in Windows 8 that disabled my speakers, all sound from my PC. I was able to restore and sort through updates to eliminate the culprit -- which I cannot do in Windows 10.

And be aware that Microsoft is downloading the Win10 update to some computers that didn't request it. Stealth installs, anyone? The cheap HP Stream I bought for travel doesn't have that much disk space to download the GB+ monster.

I use the windows desktop primarily, and find Win10 mildly quicker than Win8, with a couple fewer frustrations. Except I worry about not being able to ward off unwanted updates.