Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Tried driving this year. Worked OK going out, not so well on the return. The North West seems to be on fire again with the smoke starting at Cheyenne and only getting worse as you went West. Salt Lake City looked like Peking. Reno not so hot either.
There are 2 mountain ranges in the background. Trust me.
Out to the range to play with toys

Back to the hotel for technical talk on the Gardner and mike's Hi Standards
Off to the Reno Guns and Range (RGR) for an informal steel challenge match

If you're ever in Reno, make it a point to visit RGR. Big, well lit, well ventilated range, second range being installed, shoot room for simunition training being installed, classroom, and projection room. The showroom is large and not yet fully populated. The gunsmith has a nice machine shop in the back. Reasonable rates at the range as well.
Tried my own ghost ring sights and yes, they work as advertised.
Tried the Hi Point 4095 at the outdoor range and was hitting the gong at 200 yards.

And a big thanks to our sponsors. There was lots of stuff for the drawings but by the time I got the camera unlimbered:
Back packs and range bags, a scope, a red dot, specialty gloves, etc, etc.
Next year I'm going to see if we can't work in talks from some of us on the current state of gun laws in our individual states.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, I have a bunch of pictures of the swag table pre-raffle-ing, but no place to post em so that LJ can use them. Let me know what site to use and I'll share some of em with ya? :)

Billll said...

Pass me a few good ones to bill at llew dot org.