Sunday, August 16, 2015

Out Of The Frying Pan

So this year instead of putting up with the morons of the TSA and flying to GBRX, I've found a co-conspiritor who sees this as a birthday vacation and we're driving. 1000miles in one day.

Not impossible by any means, with 2 of us to swap off back and forth. Set the cruise control for the speed limit +5 mph and try to stay between the lines. At this point we only have to sweat the county mounties, some of which have discovered the joys of civil forfeiture. Add to that the circumstance of driving in a vehicle with Colorado plates and holding a high average speed becomes less likely.

Humboldt county looks to be the tricky spot with Sgt Lee Dove being the head road agent. Since we're going to Reno, perhaps a quick visit to Reno attorney John Olsen who has successfully sued the Humboldt DA a couple times to see if a RICO suit would be in order at some point. He has already won a class action suit that resulted in the return of several peoples money.

Humboldt county has become so notorious for this that the press is calling for state law revisions to put an end to it. The bill passed in June and was signed by the governor. It becomes effective Oct 1.

I miss the old days when you could get in your car and go on vacation to get away from it all.

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