Thursday, August 27, 2015

Next Election

How many registered voters does your county have? Most people don't know and don't care. Now how many warm bodies of voting age does your county have? At least more than registered voters since several types of persons flatly aren't allowed to vote, right?

How about if your county had more registered voters than eligible ones?
Here's the list of counties in Colorado who fill that bill:
Mineral CountyColorado133%
Hinsdale CountyColorado116%
San Juan CountyColorado115%
Ouray CountyColorado112%
Pitkin CountyColorado105%
Summit CountyColorado105%
Dolores CountyColorado104%
San Miguel CountyColorado103%
Cheyenne CountyColorado101%
Boulder CountyColorado101%

Most of these are sparsely populated but Summit is possibly the wealthiest county in the state being populated with California refugees, and Boulder is the home of the Peoples Republic of Boulder which got there by registering transients (college students) and never checking to see if any of them went home after graduating.

The results were released as a prerequisite to filing a lawsuit demanding a cleanup of the rolls before someone gets elected with 110% of the vote.

 Here's the complete national list where you can check your own state.


Anonymous said...

I live up in the Vail area and I personally know at least 10 second-home owners that have bragged to me about being registered in both Eagle County and their home state. Guess their politics.


Billll said...

Voting in both states is a federal felony but as has been noted, if you own the cop you won't get arrested, and if you own the judge, you won't get convicted.

This sort of thing is detectable by comparing voter registration lists between states, something Colorado hasn't done. The drawback is that the authorities won't go after a match like "John Q. Public" in Vail and "John Quincy Public" in Sacramento. Matching SS numbers would seem like a dead giveaway to me though.