Saturday, January 10, 2015

The New Order

I know it's early yet and things could turn out different but Tinsly has a pretty good take on the way to bet:
What's missing is someone to apologize to the Dems in case anything they propose actually gets enacted.

On the bright side, Scott Walker is making the obligatory rounds in Iowa. While I'll be the first to say the Iowans certainly know how to produce farm subsidies food, I have to wonder who ever thought those hayseeds knew anything about picking politicians.


Richard G. Combs said...

I'm really warming up to the idea of a Walker/Paul ticket.

Awesome cartoon.

David Aitken said...

Yeah, Walker/Paul sounds pretty good. Walker's been fairly thoroughly vetted by the Dems in Wisconsin, so I doubt there's too much baggage there. Paul, we'll see.

Billll said...

I'm liking that pair too. As long as Paul doesn't do anything too awfully weird and can spell potato, I doubt he'll have much of a problem.