Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gun Law - Colorado

As long as the Dems hold one of the three legislative bodies, and they currently hold two, their attitude is unchanged in that they feel they don't need to listen to Republicans at all. HB15-049 (business use of deadly force), HB15-009 (repeal the magazine ban), HB15-086 (CBI NFA certificate), and HB15-050 (repeal the background check) bills are all in the house kill committee and are not expected to survive so bad gun law holds firm in Colorado.

There is a bill coming up to reform the gerrymandering redistricting process here which actually seems to have some bipartisan support. Cynical me expects the bipartisan part to evaporate as soon as someone points out to the Dem leadership that statistically Colorado is a red state by a modest margin and a fair election would result in a Republican trifecta at the state level.

On a possibly related note, Magpul, who moved part of it's operations out of Colorado after the last batch of gun bills were passed, has announced that it will produce a 60 round magazine for AR-pattern rifles this year in drum format. In a flash, Extreme Gear Labs, located in Colorado Springs, which produces bags and pouches for the tactically inclined, has announced that it will be producing a hook-and-loop pouch to hold two of the D60 magazines to your Bat Belt.

It's called the EGL Hickenloop Pouch named for our spineless governor who signed the bills.

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