Sunday, January 11, 2015


You've got to love this:
French Jewish leaders say President Francois Hollande told them Jewish schools and synagogues will be protected “if necessary” by the French army, while a European Jewish leader says he has reached out to European ministers to request gun permits for Jews.
"If necessary" you say. Well I suppose it could be necessary although relying on a government to provide you with protection that has a long enough history of being on the other side might prove to be an iffy proposition.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin has the more practical approach in asking European leaders to make getting gun permits easier for Jews. After all, when things go bad, you are the first responder.

I imagine that getting a CCW in Europe would be a hodge-podge of local law varying from EU down to town levels and unlikely to be anything like the shall-issue laws we have in most of the U.S. It isd described as "more restrictive" than the U.S.
Source: Wiki.

Additionally some Australians are now suggesting that the country's draconian gun laws might be in need of revision in light of an uptick in "Sudden Jihadi Syndrome".

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