Friday, February 21, 2014

World To End Saturday

So it must be time to clear your pantry of all that booze and bacon you've been hoarding. The Jorvik Viking Center in York, England is basing their prediction on recent climatic events which they describe as 3 winters with no intervening summers.
The past two summers have been cold and wet, so declaring that Ragnarök (otherwise known as the Twilight of the Gods) is upon us is a subjective call
Anyone who has had dealings with Vikings in the past however will tell you that predictions of the end of the world made by Danes usually have nothing to do with climate change and usually only apply to the residents of the town or village the Danes had surrounded. The predictions of the end of the world could also be mitigated or eliminated by paying a sum of protection money to the Danes although this reputedly only caused them to return the next year with further demands.

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