Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Doing Something About The Weather

This is great news indeed as I'm thoroughly fed up with week after week of sub-freezing temperatures. The Obama administration has announced plans to open multiple "Climate Hubs" around the country:
The new climate hubs will be established in Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon, and New Mexico.

There will also be three sub-hubs in Michigan, Puerto Rico and California.
So if you're having problems with the weather, like drought, floods, low temps or high ones, simply trot down to your regional climate hub and file a complaint. Operators are standing by to handle your particular problem. Press 1 for weather-related problems, press 2 for help with Obamacare, and press 3 for voter registration information in Spanish.

The Democrats: Taking care of you the Chicago way.

Remember, the next recall election is November 4th.

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