Friday, February 21, 2014

Colorado Mini Maker Faire

So I've let myself get signed up to run a table in this and it looks like I'll get a 30 foot nerf range to let kids try the Pedal Air Gun with All New Guaranteed Non-Lethal foam darts at much reduced pressure. Plus some other interesting stuff TBD.

Denver Mini Maker Faire - May 3rd & 4th, 2014 @ National Western Complex

More info on the Faire is at

So pop on over and see what's on offer. Meantime comments at this post will be the contact point for the Denver Mad Scientists Club in case any of the membership has anything they want to demo there. My table is available to multiple exhibitors from that group. 

I'd like to send you to their web site, which used to be rather nice, but the disk drive holding the site crashed 10 or 15 years ago and no one in the group knows how to fix it. Other than that, it's a bunch of really clever and creative people.

Update: And finally, please put Wednesday, March 26th at 6pm on your calendar for a Denver Mini Maker Faire meetup at Club Workshop in Denver.  We will be filming!  Connect with your fellow Makers and bring your makes, pictures, prototypes or any other item that you would like to get on camera.  Publicity for Makers is part of being a Denver Mini Maker Faire Maker and we are putting together a few promo videos of our Makers to share with the world.  This is your chance to get on camera!  So get your friends and family to sign up to be a Maker so they can be on camera, too! 

As a side note I think I'll call my exhibit the Family, Lawn, and Garden department of the DMSC.

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Galen said...

I will have at least 1 robot that will be ready to show.

What are the plans?