Saturday, February 15, 2014


The State Department is planning to create a new ambassadorship to the Arctic Regions. Since Jay Leno was offered the ambassadorship to Antarctica, one presumes this would cover the north polar regions. Traditionally the plum jobs go to big campaign donors, sometimes irritating the recipient country. This doesn't seem like a plum assignment although the embassy location has yet to be announced so who do you think will get the job?

I'm betting on Hillary Clinton. There are several reasons for this not least of which is her demonstrated ability to suck all the campaign cash out of a room no matter how much it might be needed to support Obama cronies who have made the endangered species list.

Secondly is her ability to conform to the big rules of diplomacy, those being to keep a low profile, and speak to nobody which Hill demonstrated during her tenure as Secretary of State.

The other item is the embassy location. Here I'm betting on Point Barrow, Alaska which conveniently fronts on the U.S. claims to the polar cap and equally conveniently has little space for members of the press.

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ZZMike said...

I second the nomination of Hillary Clinton to be Ambassador to the Arctic Wastelands.

That will make good use of her many talents.