Friday, June 21, 2013

Brewery's Campaign Against Drunk Driving

So they're going at it the hard way, but Colorado Peak Politics has the inside skinney on the New Belgium Brewing company.

Here's an outfit that screens applicants for cultural fit, donates to left-wing causes, and is one of the moving forces behind the anti-fracking campaign. So how does that help drunk driving? Like this:

If fracking is banned, unemployment will go up as will energy and fuel prices. This means more people with nothing better to do than drink New Belgium beer. As a bonus, the unemployed drive less, not having jobs to commute to, hence less driving and less drunk driving.

The problem with this is that the unemployed tend to drink low-budget beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon and not craft brews like New Belgium, so the plan may backfire. Oh well.

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Brad K. said...

Two problems stand out about fraccing. First, of course, is the geologically significant amount of poison they inject, and don't actually ever recover.

Second, of course, is that fraccing is a single shot process, not a bridge from here to there that will last until the next election. Fraccing gets a quick spike in production, but like a hit of caffeine, wears out within weeks or months. It is a get rich quick scheme that only pays off in the short term. There is no future in a fracced well, at least not in fraccing-style production levels.

Perhaps New Begium's concern is that fraccing destroys their source of water. And maybe they don't want to see the rash of earthquakes that started shaking central Oklahoma after they started fraccing wells there. I mean, it isn't like Colorado might have something to, like, fall over on a town, unlike flatland Oklahoma. Well, . .