Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bike To Work

Back when I had work to bike to I made it a point to do so excepting only violent weather and sometimes even then. The first flyer I saw for this went on about biking to work without ever mentioning bicycles, so I fixed the graphic to make it more inclusive:
The image is from Easyriders magazine which I haven't seen in a good long while. No I don't look (very) much like that and I ride a Honda Sabre for the moment. The Sabre is motorcycle #45 for me.

Note that the fellow in the graphic is accomplishing all the stated goals of the program, with the possible exception of item 3 as that Harley flathead is probably not as clean as a modern bike. There is a drive-through emissions check on the ramp from southbound I-25 to Eastbound 6th Ave that tells me that my Sabre is clean as a hounds tooth as long as I stay off the throttle.

Search this site for the phrase "bike to work" to see how I've fared in the past.

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Chaplain Tim said...

Mine is a Honda CB700SC Nighthawk. I love being able to fill the tank for less than $10.00. Haven't done that for 35 years. 47 mpg is easy on the wallet, too.
Now if we can just go three days without rain, life will be good.