Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash

And pretty good dinner, too. We're on for Saturday the 30th of April, 7 PM back at the Old Mill brewpub and restaurant in Historic downtown Littleton.
Thanks to Jed for the spiffy logo. We're in the birthday room, to the left as you walk in, so wear your birthday suit and fit right in. It's at 5798 S Rapp St, Littleton, CO 80120 for those of you wanting to Mapquest it, and it's 3 blocks west of the Littleton light rail station if you want to ride in. Come a bit early, and get a head start on the rest of us with the beer.

Update: Jiggered to make this sticky until the 30th. Of course I'll be in my birthday suit, but I usually go for a well-layered look.


jed said...

Excellent! We can sing happy birthday to Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alice B. Toklas.

I think I'll demur on the suggested attire, however.

Richard G. Combs said...

I'll be there! And I love you, Alice B. Toklas -- who's bringing the brownies?

wheels said...

I doubt I'll show up - I just broke my right ankle, so my transport options have become suddenly limited.

Billll said...

Get some wheels.

Anonymous said...

> Get some wheels.

GAS PRICES TOO HIGH? Buy a new car! Food-price inflation cutting into your budget? Get a better job! Who said there were no easy answers?

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose there'll be anyone there who knows digital electronics, especially working with the Arduino.

Richard G. Combs said...

Well, I survived it, and it was way too easy, compared to previous bashes. But a good time, nonetheless.

I forgot to mention that it was not just the birthday of Carl Gauss and Alice B. Toklas (bummer, nobody brought brownies), it was also the birthday of Willie Nelson. We should have at least done a chorus of "Read-headed Stranger"!

Don't cross him, don't boss him.
He's wild in his sorrow.
He's ridin' an' hidin' his pain.
Don't fight him, don't spite him,
Just wait till tomorrow.
Maybe he'll ride on again.

Richard G. Combs said...

Um, yeah, that should have said "Red-headed Stranger." Blame the alcohol.

However you spell it, it's one of the best albums ever. IMHO, of course.