Sunday, February 27, 2011

Common Sense Gun Laws

Over at the Huffy Pest, Paul Clolery is suggesting that single-shot weapons are sufficient, and that should be the limit for the peasantry, lest high political officials get winged. He cites Alex Hamilton.

I have noted that a 105mm howitzer is a single-shot weapon, and some of you may recall my position that any weapon that can be operated by a single parson, and borne on, in, or by a half-ton pickup would also be a reasonable restriction.

Clolery concludes with:
There have been calls to ratchet-down the rhetoric in the aftermath of the Tucson slayings. This call for polite discussion of ideas should be used as an opening to discuss gun laws and their impact on this society. If we don't seize this opportunity, the concept of a civil society will become as fanciful as a unicorn.
So we may conclude that the disgusting behavior of the union thugs in Wisconsin, for example, is a result of the existence of 31-round magazines, somewhere.

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