Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mad Science

At its best. This fellow deserves a DMSC Peabody Award for extremely clever thinking for designing a clock that catches flies and other insects, and converts the bodies to the energy required to run the clock.

Thinking bigger, at one time I had the conversion factors that allowed you to figure out how many hippies it took to produce the energy equivalent of one barrel of oil. One of my hippie (ex) friends took this personally, and accused me of being a socialist*, this being the worst insult he could come up with.

The thought processes of the left surpasseth all comprehension.

*The German National Socialist Workers Party, specifically.


jed said...

You should look up those numbers again. In case we ever need to know the G/Hippie figures for a Tesla roadster.

jed said...

I meant the Mi/Hippie numbers.

Billll said...

Visualizing a Tesla roadster with an aggressive, toothy front end that powers itself by recycling the hippies you hid through its internal fuel cell generator......

Somebody stop me!

Or fund me, I'm flexible.

Billll said...

Throw in some self-awareness in the ECU and these things could be more fun than a Zombie apocalypse in San Francisco.