Saturday, February 26, 2011

Service Advisor

My daughter works as one, and tells me some fairly strange tales about the position. You are the point of contact, the face of the agency between the customer and the dealership. I can imagine some brands doing this better than others:

Mercedes-Benz: When you pull in to the agency, your car wirelessly tells the agencys computer what it needs, and by the time you roll to a stop, a liveried attendant is there to slip the work order under the wiper blade, and escort you to the waiting room for coffee and pastries. Price is not mentioned.

Japanese: A nicely dressed attendant greets Susy Soccermom, and asks the vehicles mileage so as to set up the correct XX,000 mile standard service. Asks if she would like to include tire rotation and a carwash, which costs extra.

Domestic: Joe Badwrench greets the customer and asks if he wants the deluxe service or just the regular replacement of all the visibly leaking duct tape repairs.

O.K. this isn't entirely fair, as it ignores the male customers at the Japanese place, and everybody except the low-end pickup drivers at the domestic places. Maybe later I'll be handed some insights on these.

In my defense, I currently drive a low-end domestic pickup. There is no duct tape anywhere on or in the vehicle.

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