Monday, March 15, 2010

Quote of the Week

Robert Gibbs: Even if I have to personally break into the Smithsonian with a blowtorch and burn the Constitution, we will pass health care this week

Found at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical, the sites comments note that the Constitution in stored in the National Archives, but don't tell Gibbsey.

Gives you a nice grasp of the mindset of the people we're dealing with here, no? I had speculated earlier that I thought that nationalized health control was a done deal, requiring only the decision of whom to bribe and how much to give them.

Hey, hope springs eternal! Hell (D.C.) froze over, the Saints won the super bowl, and Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is now being warmed by a Republican. I know a fellow with 1 or two working pumpkin guns, so if we must, we can make a pig fly if we think that will help.

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Anonymous said...

In "National Treasure III: Hope and Change," Nicholas Cage's character discovers that Obamacare was actually written into the Constitution. They foresaw the coming of The One.

But you need a special pair of polarizing glasses, built by Benjamin Franklin, to read the otherwise invisible ink.

John F. Kennedy was about to reveal this secret, which is why Big Pharmacutical hired hitman T.P Arte to assassinate JFK, and then frame his doppelganger Lee Harvey Oswald.

Robert Kennedy, of course, met the same fate.

They almost got Edward when some South African drug dealers ran his car off a bridge into a river. Although no one of importance was hurt, he got the message...