Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Political Assassination

Steny Hoyer is announcing that, horrors, some Democrats are getting death threats, and he's asking the House Republicans to denounce them. Like the Republicans don't get their share, the difference being that the ones the Republicans get come in the form of the computerized calls the voters get around dinnertime touting one blowhard or another. The death threats is the same message is played over and over to the same recipient, and caller ID traces the source back to the SEIU hall.

Not that I would advocate violent acts against our elected officials, no indeed, I never did any such thing, but if you find yourself so inclined, there are considerations.

First, if you get caught, you're going to get room, board, and health care paid for by the government for the rest of your life, or 8 years, depending on the affiliation of the judge and the victim.

Second, remember that elected federal officials that need replacing, for whatever reason, are replaced, for the most part, by their state's governor. Your cause is not helped if the replacement for the "extremist" whose term you limited, is picked by a governor who always thought the fellow was a spineless moderate anyway. It turns the whole exercise into even more of a crapshoot (at multiple levels) than it was to begin with.

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