Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lions And Zebras

Anyone who has ever watched one of those Discovery or National Geo shows knows how the African Savanna works. The Zebras in great numbers go about their business, eating and making more Zebras, and the lions hang out on the edges of the herd, occasionally taking one down for food.

The municipal savanna works the same way. The Zebras, in large numbers, travels as a herd to and from work, and the lions, in black and white vehicles, randomly pull a few of us down, to satisfy the municipal hunger.

Following the person in front of you, turning left, across an otherwise busy roadway, through an otherwise large gap in the oncoming traffic, the lead person steps on the brakes as soon as he clears the intersection, slowing to about 5 mph, and leaving yours truly sitting across an oncoming lane of traffic. Pulling up close behind him to avoid being hit is not "following too closely" regardless of what the uniformed kid with the gun and nun-chucks (when did they start issuing those?) says.

Fortunately, the DA will always solicit a bribe in the form of "gimmie some extra money, and I'll knock the charges down to almost nothing". This implying that while following too close is a 4 point offense, worthy of $88, having a defective headlamp is, while only 1 point, worth $105.

You don't suppose it's really about just money, do you?

Dr Helen has a post on the topic as well, and the comments there are worth reading, too.

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