Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nuclear Energy

Actually it's not about energy, nuclear or any other sort. It's about how the game is played.

El Presedente has offered up $8 billion in loan guarantees to allegedly build 2 nuclear power plants. Anyone who has followed nuclear power in this country knows that in spite of being cleaner and more efficient than coal, no one builds nuke plants because they take 3 times as long and cost 5 times as much to build, since 2/3 of the cost of the plant goes into lawsuits filed to try to stop them.

NRO has a bit on this new offer, including a clip of candidate O'Bama stating that he is "Not a proponent of nuclear power." What this is, is $8billion in loan guarantees which will be put toward defending lawsuits brought by the sort of people who usually adorn the back covers of phone books.

The lawyers, in turn, will kick back some percentage to the man who made the big paydays possible, to use on his re-election campaign. Or maybe a retirement villa in a country with lax extradition laws. 10% of 8 billion sounds like a pretty good retirement to me.

Power plants? Hah!

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