Saturday, December 19, 2009


At this late date, it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that the health care bill is a done deal. Any remaining Senators with "deep philosophical objections" to anything in or out of it, are simply holding out for a bigger bribe. Bribes will be apportioned according to seniority in whatever quantity the Distinguished personages want, and the cloture vote will be 60-40, on strict party lines. (1)

Following this, some minimal debate will be allowed, with Dems splitting into two camps, the larger one pointing out the crying need for government health control (care will be an afterthought), and the smaller one demanding some sort of changes to be added. Republicans will also split into two camps, generally along the same thought processes, with the RINOs crying that they could not only write a smaller bill, but could be better trusted to manage the nations health, and the larger group, coming down against the whole thing.

In the end, all the Republicans will vote against, and Harry will allow the "Blue Dogs" that can possibly be saved in the upcoming elections to vote against, but only enough that the bill passes by two votes or so. A masterpiece of Kabuki theater.

The bill then goes to conference committee, from which Republicans will be effectively excluded, and everything taken out will be put back in. The House will approve this, with selected members permitted to vote against in order to preserve their jobs(2), and the Dear Leader will sign it.

That's what my crystal ball says.

(1) Anyone care to make side bets as to weather the promised bribes are actually delivered or deliverable?

(2) See Wayne LaPetomaine.

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