Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

MAIG is Mayor Bloombergs personal hobby horse. It is rabidly anti gun. It has skilled people to propose the methodology without having to involve weak-minded politicians who have to actually run for their offices instead of simply dropping a couple hundred million of their own money into a campaign and, in effect buying it.

It has been known to invoke the membership, sometimes without informing the membership first, and sometimes without informing the members that they are members, apparently by inheriting the membership card from a predecessor.

Colorado has only one member mayor.

John Hickenlooper, of Denver.

Bet you didn't think he was that rabidly anti-gun. I bet even he didn't know he was that rabidly anti-gun.

Feel free to drop him a line and encourage him to resign the group. Be polite. Be professional. If you get a form letter back telling you how good he thinks MAIG is, then send him one telling him what a scumbag he is, but not until, OK?

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