Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health Control

We all know it's not really about any kind of "care" now, don't we? Anyway I wrote my Senators on the topic, politely and diplomatically suggesting that voting for this bill might have side effects, such as unemployment, tomatoes, and possibly even tar and feathers. I may have used too much nuance, as they both voted for it.

I got canned reply from both of them, and a somewhat more elaborate second reply from Sen Udall, the senior senator. Bennett hasn't gotten all his canned replies printed up yet, as junior senators have to wait at the copier until the senior senators lackys are done.

I wrote Sen Udall back:

Dear Sen. Udall:

Thank you for your Christmas wishes. May your Christmas be a happy one too.

Sen Reid has mentioned that the Health Control bill contained something for every Senator in the Senate, and it would speak poorly of any Senator who didn't get anything for his vote.

Since you voted for the bill, may I ask what you got for Colorado. Sen Nelson got some 50 million a year in perpetuity, making Sen Landreau look like a piker with a $300M one time donation. I hope your efforts were in the "solid B+" category.

I'm like a kid a Christmas, shoveling my way through that huge pile of manure, secure in the belief that there's a pony under there somewhere, right Mo.


jed said...

Udall and Bennett are both worthless chumps.

It ain't a pony under that pile, ya know. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Billll said...

I know that. I was hoping that Mo would admit that he sold his vote for a promise of peace between Oceana and Eastasia or something similar.

Udall votes with O'bama because he is, how you say, "a useful idiot". Bennett votes with O'bama because Udall told him to.