Monday, December 7, 2009

CSU Gun Ban

The board of governors at CSU has voted to ban guns in any form from the campus. I am informed by a friend with a Law Degree that this is equivalent to a local mayor ordaining a municipal assault weapons ban in the face of a state preemption law.

A student despairingly asked what is to be done, as even though what they do is illegal, it takes a long time to correct the problem, and as we know, by the time the problem is corrected, the public has forgotten who was responsible, and the guilty parties get reelected. Is the solution to enroll at another school?

To paraphrase Margret Thatcher, while leaving town is the path of least resistance, the problem with it is that you eventually run out of other peoples towns to run to.


Brad K. said...

So, has anyone advised the despairing student to sue the board of governors at CSU for reckless endangerment - for creating and enforcing a "disarmed victim" zone, an inducement to the next copy-cat mass shooter?

The campus might or might not actually get people carrying on campus, without the ban, but a prospective shooter wouldn't have a promise of a clear field. That would be a good start toward security.

I might be more impressed if the campus were to actively manage and issue concealed carry permits, shooting safety and proficiency courses, and a weapons section (including quarterstaff/walking stick) in the bookstore. I won't hold my breath.

Billll said...

That, too, has been suggested. The ruling is recent. The day is young.

Darryl said...

For those schools which are worrying about their bottom line, and I suspect that would be all of them, I see a golden opportunity here.

Imagine a school which recruited based on their exceeding *passion* for personal firearms... I would consider a Master's at such a facility.

Billll said...

Imagine being "another dumb jock" going to school on a scholarship in Trap and Skeet.