Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Basically a silly guessing game of no import at all, but anything for a laugh. Penetrating Insights (I never heard of them either) reports that a new Obama poster is showing up in Downey, a suburb of Los Angeles.
That would be it on the right. When the middle one came out, people actually got busted for "posting bills" or whatever it's called for putting them up. Sure, it's illegal, like littering, but you seldom hear about people getting ticketed for it.

Anyway, the new one has everyone baffled as to what TWAP might possible stand for. Perhaps The Worst American President ever could enlighten us?

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Brad K. said...


I Googled "twap". There seems to be a variety of possibilities.

1) Time Weighted Average Price. Stock market term.

2) The UrbanDictionary.com has a list

The leading candidate at the moment looks like either your "The Worst American President" - or ... ahem.

"Hitting another man in the nuts by whipping ur fingers into it

_I twapped Ryan so hard he fell to the ground_"

I guess that either meaing would suffice. The jester hat and collar would simply be a hat-tip to the Batman themed "Joker" poster, and not an illustration of "twap".