Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Tax dollars doing something, I suppose, although not particularly stimulating unless you're a union washer-crammer in the golf cart plant. Oh wait....
Although the origins of the provision are unclear, it could be a boon to North Dakota-based NEV manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars, a division of Chrysler.

Note the tasteful choice of crash test dummy.

The Stimulus plan proposes that the government buy $3Million worth of these things for some unspecified purpose. If we're lucky, the government will require all senators and congressmen and cabinet members to drive the things to work on a daily basis.
On the freeway.

When I am dictator, the Department of Transportation will be reduced to a small advisory group to the Justice department's prosecution of the Teamsters, Amtrak will be sold on e-bay, and carpool lanes will be illegal. Persons wishing to complain must drive one of there across Montana, solo, in the winter before presenting petition.

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