Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogger Fest

RMBF happened last weekend. I went, and didn't bring a camera. Other people did. Beer was drunk, jokes and stories were exchanged, and a good time was had by all. I only stumbled a little, missing the step from the platform our table was on.

In spite of the pictures taken, I haven't come across any of them, which probably means I don't read the blogs of the photographers.

In spite of the festival being held in darkest LoDo in the middle of winter, I found free parking on the same block. It's a by-product, I guess, of the country becoming more and more third-world, that motorcycles are becoming more and more common, and the notion that a Honda is as much a "bike" as a Schwinn, and entitled to the same parking privileges, is becoming more and more accepted. Works for me.
Soon I expect we'll come to an informal agreement with the publicans: We can ride our bikes up onto the sidewalks and park there as long as there's plenty of room for the pedestrians to get by, and if we run over the mendicants outstretched legs, encouraging him to take his practice elsewhere, there's a free beer in it for us.

Motorcycle riding in February. I blame Global Warming.

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