Friday, February 13, 2009

Medical Breakthroughs

Real modern science, right before your eyes!

First off there's been discovered a chemical that increases the oxygen release of hemoglobin. This helps muscles that suffer from lack of blood circulation, such as the heart:

After drinking a chemical dissolved in water, mice with damaged hearts turn from couch potatoes into treadmill tearaways, researchers say. The finding raises hopes that the same substance can invigorate patients weakened from heart attacks by increasing the supply of oxygen to damaged cardiac muscle.
I can't help but think that improved oxygenation wouldn't hurt the brain, either.

And now, the first tattoo with a real reason to be there. For diabetics, this tattoo would be made from special ink that changes color when exposed to glucose:

If levels are high, the ink appears yellow. If levels of the sugar are low, it turns purple. A healthy level shows up as orange.
For the modest, I suppose, this would be a small dot, somewhere inconspicuous. For the flamboyant, it could be an artistic wonder that changes through the logos of three different football teams, depending on your state of health. When the Lions logo shows, you know you're near death.

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