Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Fourth Adversary

 A prominent Chinese professor has outlined his vision of how China intends to become the preeminent power in the world. Various approaches are discussed in his paper which you can see summarized here. Among them is cultivation of active adversaries to the U.S. which he sees as being unable to effectively handle more than 3. 

His list currently includes China (of course), Russia, and North Korea. He mentions Chinas attempt to use its belt and road initiative to coerce Brazil into becoming adversary #4, which Brazil declined to join. So let me ask: Who else in this hemisphere is in bed with the Chinese while having a significant footprint in the U.S. already?

Why the Mexican drug cartels of course! China already supplies the Fentanyl they send here in ever increasing quantities, and they have branched out into the immigrant smuggling business which is probably causing more disruption here because of the publicity the U.S. media gives it. 

Four enemies are needed to stretch the United States’ resources while bogging the government down in domestic debates over which threat to prioritize, Jin said.

For instance, before WWII the United States had two adversaries, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. “The Americans debated over and over about who is the real threat,” he said.

“If the United States has four enemies, it will totally lose its direction.”

RTWT and think about the most divisive issues currently in vogue with the media. 


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