Monday, March 15, 2021

Domestic Terrorists and Gun Bans - New Definitions

 Everyone get out your Newspeak dictionaries as there are some changes that urgently need to be made. First off, 200 black-clad, masked, shouting individuals with Molotov cocktails, cudgels, and hammers are most emphatically NOT terrorists. They are "mostly peaceful" protesters.

Secondly, a homeowner, facing such a mostly peaceful gathering, say in front of his house, is now a Domestic Terrorist, especially if he's armed with a semi-automatic firearm.

So sayeth Dianne Feinstein who is demanding that said firearm be removed from the property owner, or at the very least, be limited to 10 rounds.

This is consistent with the unstated goal of the Democratic Party, to insure a uniformly safe working environment for the most anti-social among us. After all they are among the staunchest supporters of her party.

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