Monday, September 28, 2020

I Live In The Nicest Neighborhood


My neighborhood in Littleton has to be one of the nicest in Colorado. Everyone is friendly and when you see them outside walking dogs or whatever, they always smile and wave back at you as you pass. This being an election year I happy to see the high level of involvement and enthusiasm with yard signs everywhere which of itself is good even though I have my doubts about the amount of thinking that went into some of the opinions, I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

As we all know, throwing poo is stereotypical primate behavior, and as we are all primates, a certain amount of this is to be expected. Among the higher primates, one expects this behavior to be more figurative than actual, but I suppose evolution is a slow process and manifests itself more in some than in others. Happily, even with exceptions involving throwing actual poo, the poo tossed at my yard signs is commendably not only tied shut in plastic “doggy bags” it is also obviously produced by a rather small dog, so thanks to whomever is doing it for making your point in a way that is easy and relatively sanitary to clean up.

Have a nice day!

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