Sunday, September 20, 2020


 The current situation presents some interesting opportunities all around. It is widely believed that Trumps nominee for RBGs seat will be Amy Barrett. The advantage here is that Mrs Barrett has already been through the Senate confirmation process and her only drawback is that she is a practicing Catholic. This being the case, if the Republicans had half the instinct for a power grab that the Dems have, Trump could nominate Mrs. Barrett on Monday, tomorrow, McConnell could call for a vote on Wednesday, and Mrs Barrett could be warming Ruth's seat on Friday. Also on Friday, we'd have live TV footage of Dem Heads exploding and on Saturday, of several major cities in flames. 

On the other side, the news media would be able to ask Slow Joe who his 2 picks for additional Supreme court seats will be should he win and take office. 

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Merle said...

But I LIKE to see libtard heads explode!!! :)