Friday, September 4, 2020

Summer Blizzard?

 OK here's the MWS prediction for the daily high temps this coming week:

Accompanying the slight cooling off will be a predicted 5.8" of snow. Note that no local trees have shed any leaves. Also lots of fruit and veggies in peoples gardens are going to take a beating. Low temps are forecast to be down to 29 degrees although only for a couple hours and with everything buried under all that snow, maybe we won't lose ALL of our home grown food.

So tons of broken limbs, damaged cars and houses, and probably power outages. Who had Early Ice Age in the disaster pool?


Tim said...

Unreal, the wife grew up in Littleton and told be that they would see snow before Halloween.
This is a tad early.

Merle said...

and I'm predicted to get 86 deg in the next couple of days..... :(
doesn't sit well with my COPD and lack of A/C....

Bob P said...

Bill If your prediction comes true I will find the biggest branch that I can handle from the cottonwood and beat you-Bob