Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Soy Boys?

It seems there's more to Burger Kings Impossible Burger than meets the eye. The amount of gene splicing/mixing involved results in some characteristics you might want to think about.

It seems there's enough estrogen in an Impossible Burger to begin stimulating boob development in men. Of course they also mention
Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day.
That alone sounds like enough to keep the men away from the things, but I could see a sudden influx of women adding an Impossible burger and a glass of soy milk to their diet in hopes of a figure enhancement.

The link above also serves as a great example of Bills law of election year* statistics.
....and that it has a whopping 18 million times more estrogen than a standard Whopper.
 The red flag that immediately pops up is weather this number is, in fact, statistically significant. The amount of estrogen in a standard Whopper is as close to zero as not to matter. 18 million times a number that small is still pretty small.

*When you are given a number in a conversation, the real story is frequently in the percentage, and vice versa. This is true pretty much at all times although more so in an election year. Hearing about a 100% increase in the crime rate sounds awful until you find out that this means the cops issued 2 parking tickets this year as opposed to only one last year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Billll,

I did a blog post about the "Impossible Whopper" back on December 5th, having to do with the premise of their commercials.


The research in the article, regardless of how accurate it really is, just proves to me that we as humans were created to consume REAL MEAT! Like everything else in life, creating a substitute for anything is going to result in trade-offs, some of which you may not desire. I had a real Whopper yesterday for lunch (with cheese and bacon) and it was delicious.

Merle said...

Well, that explains the long line of women at the counter... :)