Saturday, December 28, 2019

Happy New Year 2

Over and above the young lady in the previous pose, It seems that 2019 was pretty damn good. The U.S. economy has moved from being 20% of the whole worlds economy to being 25%. My 401k, if it could vote, would support making Trump President For Life.

I wouldn't, although as of right now and subject to change, I'd support Ted Cruz in 2024. I was wondering why, if the market was taking off like a Nork rocket, was GDP growth down at 2.1%, but I'm told the whole world has been taking a bit of a beating last year and the US is the only G7 country to show better than 2% so we're still #1.

Guns: My Hi Point finally had a failure that all have agreed is non-repairable so it looks like I'm getting a new one in about 3 weeks. Go Team Hi-Point! For you folks in Virginia, mass demonstrations are a tool of the left. The only mass demo that matters is the one at the ballot box and it looks like the left has imported enough refugees to swing the last 2 seats they needed to take the trifecta. The newly empowered El Puerco Grande, as we call him, is taking the opportunity to attempt to disarm his citizens just like several other South American dictators. This is causing some firebrands to use words like bugaloo. Stay away from that. Those sorts of things are messy and usually more drawn out than anyone expects. I recommend targeted assassinations. Saves on ammo and causes less collateral damage.

To the College of Cardinals (hey, go big or go home, right?) Next time elect someone who is arguably Catholic. You want an economist? Hire one from the University of Chicago who knows what he's talking about.

To Greta the Grinch: Great timing, leaving the U.S. to vacation in a Mediterranean country. You could be here helping me move 3-1/2" of Global Warming from my drive and walk. Probably wouldn't pay as well though.

To the Ayatollah Hominy: Give it up. Admit you've been wrong all those years, and convert to Zoroastrianism like your forebears.

To Fat Kim: Let the Donald build a nice hotel on the coast and maybe he'll get you a Pelloton for your birthday.

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