Monday, December 16, 2019

Just An Idle Thought

In light of the VA governors announced intent to confiscate guns he doesn't like, how about this:

DD sells a small CNC machine that comes complete with the software to make lower receivers for rifles and frames for several pistols for about $2000. A group of 20 thus could throw a C-note into the hat and have one delivered. The group could then take turns making receivers for their evil black rifles and whatever else they might own that has made the governor's naughty list and swap the new parts onto their weapons. When the Nat Guard shows up to demand your weapons, you turn over the original lowers, which legally are the firearm, and tell them to go away. Cost = $100 plus aluminum (about $20/receiver) which can be put on your tax deduction list as hobby costs. Or maybe you could put the whole $120 down as a property tax.

Sad to think a gun control measure would end up putting large numbers of the dreaded “ghost Guns” out there, but probably unsurprising.

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Merle said...

where there s a need, someone will fill it......