Sunday, July 7, 2019

Visit Colorful Colorado

This could work out. Fly in to DIA, arriving in the morning, and without leaving the airport, do a pub crawl, visiting no less than 6 micro breweries and sampling their wares, top it off with a nice Bacon Gooseburger (maybe at Chick Fil A?), then take a nice nap in a VIP lounge, and catch a late afternoon flight home with a bag full of souvenirs.

Could be a fun day.


Merle said...

so are you setting up tours??? :)

Billll said...

Tour guide at the airport. Maybe if they let me have one of those 8 passenger electric golf carts to drive my customers around in. It's a long way from concourse A to concourse C if you don't take the train. Longer if you've just finished visiting 2 or 3 breweries.