Friday, July 19, 2019


Found at Moonbattery, this gem from Corey Johnson of the NYC City Council:
“I do think that there are too many parking spaces in New York City,” Johnson said bluntly. “We have over 3 million [on-street] parking spaces in New York City … and we should reclaim that space and use it for the public.”
This was met with guffaws of laughter here in Casa Billll, which is a good long way from New York. Firstly, who does he think is using those spaces in the first place, Aliens from outer space?

My take is that if you think about it, there is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing that's done in NYC that can't be done just as easily, quickly, and more cheaply in DFW. Well except maybe for docking ships. In Texas they do that in Houston. Visualize if you will a phone call to your broker, a member of the New York Stock Exchange:

ring, ring: Howdy! Thank yew fer callin' Megamoney Brokerage. How kin ah hep y'all today?

OK, it lacks the stuffiness of money so old the Smithsonian has samples of it on display, but once you get over the overtly helpful ambiance, you'll find the job gets done just as fast as ever.  And never fear, those cowboys will not be bothered in the least at any sum you throw at them. They're already used to it.

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